Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bologna Book Fair

At last, news from Italy, via and email from Tessa. Sounds as if the proofs have been a bit mashed up, but otherwise good, though not sure when she says that opening and closing need refining what it is that is meant.
Below, extract of an email from Tessa in Bologna.....

Proofs reached stand yesterday afternoon and are attracting lots of compliments from our publishing partners. The little boy from the title page has been accidentally proofed into the first front endpaper, which looks a bit odd, and the background wash for the opening and closing spread needs a bit of refining, I think, also the title page, but overall the proofs look good I think - though hard to comment without the art to hand and in the hustle n bustle of the fair. Anyway, I have to say that your paper boat idea was pure genius because it makes the whole book very easy to present and people get it straight away!

So, I am feeling quietly optimistic...."

Moving on

I deleted the last post as I felt it was too negative. Sorry. Would like to say thanks to everyone though for support and positive comments.
Starlight is fading into the background of my working life now and I suppose will stay that way until it is published.
In the meantime I am off to Milan to work in the International School there, working on The Ice Bear for Frances Lincoln and also beginning to collate a book of nursery rhymes for them, putting rough images with the text for Little Evie in the Darkwoods, painting the piece for next years Terry Pratchett calender, the cover for the new Robin Hobb, trying to finish a couple of owls with gold leaf, and also preparing to move the Tenby exhibition to St Davids Cathedral Cloisters Gallery.
Oh, and making coffee for the builders.
Should be enough to be getting along with.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Covers again and again and ..........

I have been wanting to blog about the cover for a while and have not been quite sure what to say. There has been much coming and going via email about the cover. Some good and some bad. I think the lowest point for me was when the painting I had done was chopped up and reassembled in photoshop, and the type put with it. I work with words all the time but can't find the right ones to say how that made me feel. The most polite I think would be despondent, but that is nowhere near the mark.
Anyway, the cover seems to have been settled now.
It is so difficult to get the right cover as so much depends on it.
James and I both wanted the book to be called Starlight, Starbright.
James and I both wanted the cover to be the original with the whale, with the other whale on the back cover.
This below is the new cover.