Sunday, March 18, 2007

Other work and illness

Over the last week I have been trying to work on other things, but have been hampered by a crippling headache. In between pain I have been painting a Christmas card and trying to find ideas for other things. Still have no contract for this book. James had, I think, only one day in his studio, in which to work on the cover for Ella Bella, the rest of the time he was in schools and out and about. Haven't yet heard from him whether he has had an offer for the text, or how the cover is going.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Working, but on other things

Tessa arrived back from France and liked the artwork for Starlight, and it has now gone on its travels to America for approval from the US part of Barefoot Books.
Meanwhile I have been working on other things, including two days in schools in the Rhondda valley, where amongst other things I read 'Can You See a Little Bear?" and "Starlight" to the children and they loved both.
But now I want to start the book again and rework both paintings. I watched a film called "Spring, Summer. Autumn, Winter and Spring", and there is a rowing boat in the film painted inside and out with beautiful pictures.
For now other work calls and this project will have to wait.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Safe at last

After a weekend of waiting and worrying and trying to get on with other things I phoned the Post Office this morning and they told me that the parcel was "in transit" and "no, they couldn't tell me where it was or when it would be delivered". But it did arrive safe and sound in the office in Bath at Barefoot Books. Much to my relief. It is so difficult to work when things like this happen. I had visions of having to do all the work again, and part of me was thinking, " oh well, at least you can make a better job of it next time," and part of me was inwardly weeping.
Today, James is on a train heading for London with the remaining artwork for Ella Bella, prepared to do any "tweaking" that needs to be done to the artwork in the offices at Orchard Books. Delivery of artwork face to face is even more nerve wracking than entrusting it to the tender loving care of the royal Mail.
Here in St Davids the weather is heavy and gray and I am tying to get roughs together for other work, feeling unsettled as i head out tomorrow to do school workshops. And I have started reading a very good book, which is not good for my productivity, though it is a book I have to design a cover for so I can pretend it is work.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Being let down

Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you work, things conspire to frustrate. Yesterday was World Book Day and I got up really early to get things together for a school visit and pack the artwork for Barefoot, so that they would get it in time to take to France on Monday. Guaranteed delivery with Royal Mail, or whatever name they choose to call themselves. Then I worked all day in the school, so that by the evening I had talked myself into tiredness.
Today am beset with a headache, and then the publisher contacted me to say that the parcel had not arrived. So, having paid £8 and more for the parcel with guaranteed delivery and tracking I was reliably informed that the parcel is in transit and will be now delivered on Monday. It was delayed, but they could not say why, or by what, or where, or where is was.
So now I am thinking, "is it delayed because they have fed it to a passing elephant?", " are they using it as a coaster to rest their coffee cups on?"
Not happy. It will not arrive on time, and will not go to France, and now I have the weekend to worry about whether they have in fact lost it, which is why they could not tell me where it is, other than "in transit". And I still have a headache and have spent too long listening to recorded messages about how important my phone call is to their company. How they lack the ability to be sincere.