Friday, March 2, 2007

Being let down

Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you work, things conspire to frustrate. Yesterday was World Book Day and I got up really early to get things together for a school visit and pack the artwork for Barefoot, so that they would get it in time to take to France on Monday. Guaranteed delivery with Royal Mail, or whatever name they choose to call themselves. Then I worked all day in the school, so that by the evening I had talked myself into tiredness.
Today am beset with a headache, and then the publisher contacted me to say that the parcel had not arrived. So, having paid £8 and more for the parcel with guaranteed delivery and tracking I was reliably informed that the parcel is in transit and will be now delivered on Monday. It was delayed, but they could not say why, or by what, or where, or where is was.
So now I am thinking, "is it delayed because they have fed it to a passing elephant?", " are they using it as a coaster to rest their coffee cups on?"
Not happy. It will not arrive on time, and will not go to France, and now I have the weekend to worry about whether they have in fact lost it, which is why they could not tell me where it is, other than "in transit". And I still have a headache and have spent too long listening to recorded messages about how important my phone call is to their company. How they lack the ability to be sincere.


Sus in Spokane said...

Woe....I'm sure the at least gave it to a passing elephant. Perhaps he is ferrying it to France. Which is no consolation, but our elephants here are not any better.

I hope it doesn't do too much damage for you.

susan in spokane

dragonladych said...

Oh I hope that the lovely Dragon is not lost. Or if it flew away that it will find it's way to me... not really though, it must be really bad to have worked so much and have a parcel lost, I always feel this fear when I have to post originals.

I love your Dragon paintings... and your cats! Cats and Dragons are my big passions.

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