Sunday, February 10, 2008


The patience f the publisher has finally run out. I have had a period of time of franticly working on other things, have failed to settle to illustration, have traveled to Paris and America promoting books and worked in schools and done Christmas and anything and everything rather than settle to produce roughs for this book.
So, this week I am off to the art shop to purchase a layout pad. I have a dummy book waiting, empty and blank, to be filled with images and I have to get at least on spread (3 in reality) done for the first week in March. Sometimes I have a real block on work, so here's hoping I can cut through it and produce something that dances in the dreams of a child.

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June said...

Good luck at finding the effort needed to make that start. It can be so hard to begin, and often a long journey 'til completion.
(Somtimes I need that final ultimatum deadline to get me into action too.)
I think it happens to a lot of illustrators... so many options, where to start?

A nice new layout pad and a favourite pencil helps. :o)