Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to the drawing board

After a long period of absence from this book, partly as a result of working on other things and partly as a result of artists block on this particular project, I have gone back to the drawing board, reading the text, sketching and trying to relax into it.

Sketching is always a bit like thinking aloud and the first stages are very rough, s story board version.

Maybe this time it will work and I will not get distracted by hares and birds, but I have another story walking around in my head too, and have promised myself that I can only settle to work on that when this is more settled in itself. However life sometimes does not work out as we want it to, so will have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Yes inspiration works in strange ways. When you most need it, it hides. And when you least expect it, it runs you down light a freight train!

I hope the train arrives soon! Nice sketches!

June said...

Lovely to see your first tentative sketches.
keep going. It will grow and absorb you and allow that other book idea to settle in a corner of your mind, patiently awaiting its turn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing these first drawings with us! I particularly love the bottom one. Your illustrations are just gorgeous :)

She Who Flies said...

Wishing you much flow with it.
And remember that your other idea for a story will still be there when the time is ripe to flesh it out.

Jackie Morris said...

Can't wait. It is demanding to be put into a rough storyboard form. Unless I get on with it I won't be able to do anything else, but first I will do a sample piece for Starlight.
All the publishers are off the Bologna in a couple of weeks and my Dragon book will be going, in its rough form, but it hardly seems a year since we were there. I will miss Venice this year, but not Bologna. Much happier here working really and walking cats and things like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll have to look for your book then! I am going to Bologna for the first time this year! Not really looking forward to it but it's a must go at least once or twice.

Jackie Morris said...

Look for Singing to the Sun on the Egmont stand. That and maybe Tell me a Dragon at Frances Lincoln. Starlight is in too early a stage to be out in public really.
Drink plenty of water, take in all the beautiful stuff and try and ignore all the really terrible stuff that is all too visible.

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