Sunday, May 17, 2009

In a small and quiet voice....

... and on even further reflection I have to say that the new cover does suit the book.

And on hearing the story of the Classic Poems book I would like to take the blog on further. Although the design process still remains a mystery to me, and I think the book has now been sent off for proofing for a second time, though I don't know where, or what paper is used or what finish the cover will have etc.........
I thought that it would be good to carry on the blog after it is published by inviting people who buy it to send in the story of their book, where they bought it, who for, where it was sent or given and to who and why, and if paper boats were made after reading, and adventures of where they were sailed to.
Not sure how to do this yet. By inviting guest bloggers? By having emails sent here and then posting them. Will think about it and would welcome advice from all and anyone up to speed with technology.
The book will have a few launches, one in Bath at the Bath Festival of Children's Books, one at Solva Woollen Mill where they now have signed copies of my books and some limited edition prints for sale.
More news about the book will follow.
Nervously waiting to view the proofs.


Laurie said...

Hi Jackie,
I think your idea of people contributing the story of the book they bought right through to the paper boat is really good. You can set up a team blog, but you would need to invite people by email within the blogger system. Administratively, a bit of a nightmare, to say the least, especially if you get a massive response!
I think I would create a new blog on blogger and then invite people to email in the story of their book. Perhaps, having decided in advance what questions you want them to answer - pretty much as you suggest in your post. You can then publish the individual stories as separate posts. Of course, it will be a bit dull to have just words, so you might consider asking people to attach an photograph - them and the book or their paper boat or whatever you think best?

I am sure you will get lots of fabulous stories from readers - bizarre, brilliant, thought-provoking and so on. I can't wait to see it develop.

Hope this helps?
Good luck!

armadillo magazine said...

The follow on blog sounds like a splendid Idea. I look forward to reading all the stories.

The Garden Ms. S said...

I think that's a great idea! We can email you our stories of the book and include a picture.

I particularly like the idea of a dedicated blog just for the stories. It would also be a strong, interactive marketing tool should the publisher choose to link to the site as part of the promotion of the book.

Joanna Dover said...

Glad you have found some peace with this. Love the idea to have the 'after' stories as well.

my croft said...

I'm glad you're content with the cover, especially after all the anxiety the process provoked.

I sometimes think that revision is the most painful part of being an artist, especially in the massively collaborative atmosphere of publishing. It can be hard to rest in the assumption of good will, but I'm so glad you're content with the result.

go well, Jackie, stay well.

vintagepaletteart said...

Hi Jackie! So glad that you stopped by my blog and signed up as a follower, as this is how I happened upon your lovely blog! =o)

You are a wonderful artist and I look forward to stopping back and reading more about your illustrations and the book!

Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does sound a lovely idea, if a lot of extra work for you!
I am hoping a local bookstore will stock it;if not, I shall order online.
And the prototype boat I made (months ago, when I launched those 3 on the Gooseponds) is still "sailing" across the floor whenever the cats decide to be sailors!

Jackie Morris said...

hi there oh one of idle thoughts.
Did you send me pictures of the boats? Can you resend them as I have tangled up my head after too much time.
Spoke to the publisher about the idea of stories of boats and books and they will take on the job of administering it within their own site. Then people can upload film and pictures and stories and I can just link from here.
Will make it much easier for me.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that the publisher will "handle" the traffic. Much less stressful for you. And, yes, I can send boat pictures again. Gosh! I'd better get on with the one to send to Joanne,too!