Friday, April 17, 2009

Cover cover cover cover cover........

New cover rough approved.
Or is it really approved?
They like it.
But do they really like it?
I feel that I am entering the territory of The Mighty Boosh here.
Or am I really entering the territory of The Mighty Boosh?


Marianne said...

as a mere reader can I ask - what are the possibilities for self-publishing? seems an attractive option. is one of your other silent readers an expert in marketing/promotion?

NAL said...

Hi Jackie!

It's good to see you on the Starlight Journey again - I am sure, as another commenter has said, that everyone concerned with Starlight Sailor is at heart trying to make it the best it can be.

Even after all that has happened with the cover, you continue to amaze me with your ability to come up with new ideas and concepts!

Hang in there - I am sure all will turn out well!

Three Cheers!