Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Covers, proofs, patience.

There has been silence for a while on Starlight. The proofs turned up and were not met with any degree of delight. That is all I wish to say on that matter.
So now it is time to look again at the book.
I sent back tracings showing where I thought the type should go, and how, and also which type face to use.
Also the cover has been looked at again and the decision seems to be that I should have another go.
Third time lucky?


Buskitten said...

Sorry you're having such a hard time with Starlight Jac - such a shame as it's a beautiful book. Why can't they just listen to you? Been a bit rained off here today (I was supposed to be doing 'Cottage Maintainance'. Got as far as cleaning the gutters, now skiving on here. better go back oot the noo!

Nicole-Umina said...

I really hope that this time round everyone can be happy with your cover Jackie. It's not right for it to go out with both you and James so despondent with it; after all the work you both contributed it should be something you both like and feel fits. However saying that I know it will be extremely difficult for you to just pick up and go back to Starlight and find the head space again.

Good luck, I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing what you create.

quiltcat said...

*sigh* The only consolation is that it will be a wonderful book when it's finally out there...hope the third go at the cover will be pleasing to you...and them.

Griffin said...

Given that it's James' story and your work it's a bit of a nerve for the publishers to say it ought to be re-done. Let them do it better and if they can't, then let them get off your backs and get it done the way you both want it.

Drat 'em.