Friday, April 17, 2009

When all is said and done...

.. and the cover is finished and proofed, when the book is printed and bound and in the shops and makes its way to its final destination, a family, a child, quiet moments of peace and sharing, all that has gone before will not be evident anywhere in the pages of the book. With luck it will look like a dream, like the paintings and words came effortlessly together flowing from the creativity of author and illustrator.
With luck it will become a favorite bedtime book, tattered and battered by the turning of pages and reading, reading, reading. It will grow up and feed the imagination of a child who will escape from his or her worries of everyday life on a paper boat of their own making. It will be a key, a portal that guides them into the wonderful wealth of their own creativity and imagination.
It is with this hope that I have returned again to this project and it is to reveal something of the working process behind picture book production that I began this blog.
I hope that by the end of this Starlight Sailor will shine in bookshops all around the world.


Kim said...

I hope so too, Jackie. Good luck :)

Kim x

Abbeysmum said...

Oh well here we go again....
Are you not tearing your hair out ?

I hope you are happy with the end product and it is whatever kind of result the publishers are looking for....but we all know how MAGNIFICENT the cover could have been.
The unlimited possibilities of the boy in a paper boat and the power of a Dragon protector.

NAL said...

Add my best wishes for the book to yours, Jackie!

I am impatiently waiting for my copy!


Art4Sol said...

I'm sure it will be! But what an eye opener for us to see what it has taken to get there.

Jackie Morris said...

All books are different. Sometimes I get through the whole book with no reworks. Not often. Usually it is me who is not happy with a piece.
Have been trying to work out whether to blog the next one or just leave everything in my journal on my website. Not sure. I have a few texts and it would be difficult to start a new blog looking for a publisher as not all get accepted. I could blog nursery rhymes. Different publisher, different frustrations.

NAL said...

The good thing about blogs is the opportunity for your readers to comment and for you to answer; perhaps you could start one new blog and use it for all works-in-progress?


Nicole-Umina said...

Good Luck Jackie - I can't wait to see the final painting, I do like the new fount cover and I hope you feel a connection to it and will be happy with the end product.

I hope you continue to blog your next adventure, whatever that may turn out to be. You're a brave and inspiring individual and It's been a pleasure following your journey through Starlight. As difficult a journey it has been for you.

Nic x

Danielle Barlow said...

I hope you continue to blog too - I greatly enjoy reading it!