Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On further reflection

I quit.
I have had enough of this.
I have done my best, many times over, and it wasn't good enough.
I have bent over backwards to be accommodating.
And now I feel like a rag that has been rung out one to many times and this is not a good way to feel and not productive to creativity.
So, I quit.


Anonymous said...

As a consumer.....in fact have they asked a consumer.....I think the two you sent in already were great. I'd buy the book with either of those covers. What the H do they want anyway?

Laurie said...

Quite right, too! I think you have been very patient, considering . . . A small port might go down well?

jodi said...

I am so sorry.

ruthie said...

Good for you! what do they want - blood! i cant begin to imagine what this must be making you feel. Your work is beautiful Jackie, no matter that a handful of ...(cant thing of a descriptive enough word).... think otherwise.

quiltcat said...

Tell them that your focus group loved cover number one; you've put in a huge amount of hours; and if they don't like it, you can shop the entire project somewhere else. Then...take a deep breath, cuddle dear Miss Pixie and any of the other cats who will oblige, and have a nice hot cup of tea with a splash of brandy.

NAL said...

All the foregoing are good advice and commentary - I would like to suggest that it's always a good idea to wait at least 3 days before making any major decision - though perhaps you already have.

Wishing you serenity...


Nicole-Umina said...

I can understand totally your frustration and anger over this it is getting to the point of ridiculous - but if you quit will they not just photoshop your to bits to obtain something else? I hope this is not so. I wish you well in this Jackie - you are an inspiration to aspiring illustrators and I really hope some sort of positive resolution can be found for you. It will be sad to see it end on a sour not when you have traveled and journeyed so far with this story.

Kim said...

Oh Jackie I'm soooo sorry to read this, your despondence is filling this post. Please don't give up.

I have a new friend/neighbour who used to be an illustrator and gave up for similar reasons. When I talked to her last week she seemed filled with regret but has left it too long to get back into it.

The world of childrens books will be a poorer place if you stop. I totally agree with NAL, give it a little time.

Lots of hugs to you and the kitties

Kim x

Jackie Morris said...

Not quitting books altogether, not yet anyway. Just this one. There comes a point when you have to just say, sorry, have done my best. If it isn't good enough there is nothing I can do.
Cover number 1 is more than fine.
Use it.

NAL said...

Hi Jackie!
Popping in again - Just read your April15th post on your Journal site - sounds like you are having a bout of depression - all the signs are there.

I have been there and done that many times; I hope you feel more positive soon - this is not a good time to make decisions.

Loved your original and follow-up covers, and the rough you posted the other day is wonderful too, and perhaps even stronger - hang in there!


Kim said...

Good response and I'm so impressed that you've not throttled anyone yet!

Take care

Kim x

Lisa said...

Some deep breathing, a long walk with the animal family and a new project are what you might consider. Perhaps the never-ending building project has gotten to you as well. The good thing is that spring is advancing.

Lisa in Connecticut

Lisa said...

Some deep breathing, a long walk with the animal family and a clean surface on which to paint are what you might consider. Perhaps the never-ending building project has gotten to you as well. The good thing is that spring is advancing.

Lisa in Connecticut

basicnorth said...

Jackie, the book as originally conceived and executed by you is a beautiful and elegant expression of fantasy ... I think there are times when supposedly knowledgeable people
don't have the depth of imagination or vision to appreciate that which is leagues above their very structured expectations for any project. I mean that from the depths of my heart.

Please don't let these silly, shallow people throw you (as we say in America) for a loop. I've enjoyed watching your creative process on this piece and could sense your accumulating frustration with short-sighted critiques and demands. Please know that I "tuned in" each day to see what was new --- your blogs are things that I look forward to reading and they've helped me through some rather bleak times recently. Thank you.

The illustrations are all wonderful and I'm personally hoping that you're going to be able to produce some of them - especially the "pole maps" - as prints ... in fact, I've even begun saving to buy the Winter Solstice.


Aputsiaq said...

Sometimes we do things over and over again because other people want us to - and in that situation we often forget to listen to the voice inside ourselves. Sometimes we listen so hard to others that we don't know right from wrong anymore; we bend. So Jackie, be proud of the fact that you still know how to stick to the voice inside you that says NO! And NO means NO!

Linda Navroth said...

They wouldn't know a good cover design if it bit them on the bum.

Griffin said...

Auld eedjits! If they are so knowledgeable, why didn't they do 'their' cover in the first place? If they asked you then they should let you get on with it and have a little faith in your actual ability and talent - not their own nitwittery.