Monday, February 19, 2007

Slow progress

It would be lovely to have the luxury to work on just one book at a time. Unfortunately, trying to make a living in publishing means multi-tasking to extraordinary levels. The weekend was spent delivering paintings to a gallery in Milford Haven, and also wandering on a wide, wide beach, all he while turning ideas and compositions around in my head. This week I have to finish a spread for Singing to the Sun for Egmont books, and complete another one for them too. Hopefully also produce another spread and completed dummy book for Starlight, and come up with roughs for two Christmas cards and this years Terry Pratchett Disc World calendar. Meanwhile I have ravens dancing in my imagination and wanting to be painted.
Listening to Moondog whilst working on this book, so have been determined to sneak him into the artwork somewhere. Check back later in the week for progress on painting dragons.

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