Friday, February 23, 2007

Small Details

Still looking, to see what can be done to make it better. One of the things that made "Can You See a Little Bear?" work with children was the small details, not relevant to the text, but put into every picture. When reading the book in schools to groups of children, I would find that they started off sitting in a circle and by the end of the book they were trying to climb into the pages, searching for characters, counting elephants. So with this book there will also be characters and odd details threading their way through the pages.


Sus in Spokane said...

I just found you. I want to come live with you. The scenery around your home is amazing.

Susan S in Spokane, WA, USA

Jackie Morris said...

Thanks Susan, but my house is a mess. I spend too much time painting while all around me spiders build their webs and the dogs and cats weave a carpet of hair. I have a coal fire, the only heating in the house. It is like a pet, and needs tender care and feeding and makes a mess of ash and dirt.But then at other times there is fresh home made bread and soup, and the sun shines and my garden fills up with horses. So maybe you would like it.

Sus in Spokane said...

My house is a mess too. My craft room is even messier. I spend inordinate amounts of time looking for things. Sometimes I just buy it again and then I find it. The gods smile AT me a lot.

We have beautiful scenery here in Washington state too, but I don't live in it, I have to drive to it.

I still want to come live with you when I get little again.