Monday, February 26, 2007


I work in a small room in my house. It is cluttered with books and pictures and I am watched by a stuffed owl in a glass case.
A footpath passes outside the window, but few people walk by. There is a stone wall and a blackthorn hedge opposite and in this I hang bird feeders, where small birds visit and flit through my day, distracting me with their jewel colours.
James works in a small shed at the bottom of his garden.


misty said...

it looks like a great space, mine is about the same size!
I love Big Fish!
Thank you for sharing the artist Heidi Berry with me, beautiful music!

Jackie Morris said...

Today, outside the window there were goldfinches, so bright in their fresh spring plumage. They flit through the book I am working on too. And the blackthorn buds grow larger every day. Such a short flowering as when they bloom the wind will come and blow them all away like snowflakes.