Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lost in a world of book.

All week I have painted. Tom and Hannah have been at their dad's house. I have walked the dogs and while I have painted chaos has built up in the house, chaos and mess. Washing piles itself up in corners of the house. The room next to my studio has filled with boxes, mostly empty. I have cooked and washed up but somehow it would seem that the house trolls have snuck into the night time kitchen and made a mess. I have sat and painted and while I have birds have made a nest in my hair. This I only noticed when I had to go into St Davids as there was no more milk, or cat food, or dog food or bread. Dragons fly through my head and giant dogs walk, pirate ships and whales sail in my dreams. In the sky cloud hares chase cloud dogs in a furious hunt.
Later today I have to fit paintings into the back room, only for a couple of days, and boxes of books. I have two exhibitions coming up, one in The Pebbles Yard Gallery in St Davids and one in The Joanna Field Gallery in Milford Haven.
All I want to do is paint. It looks as if there is not enough space for a matchstick in there.
Maybe they are bats hibernating in my hair?

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Buskitten said...

Oh dear! Jac, it will be a good thing when Tom and Hannah come back, as you will have to have food in the house then!
The work for this book just gets better and better - it's absolutuely beautiful!
PS, If I lived nearer, I'd clean up for you while you were out for a walk!