Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still suffering from Page Fright

When I first started working on books I was tentative and afraid and unsure. Usually now I sort of know what I am doing and find the language for the book quite quickly. So on the one book I decide to run as a blog I have had so much trouble and taken so long to start and at the moment am feeling so unsure and almost certain, after three false starts, that I am going to have to give up on it. This week should be the crunch week on whether I can do it or whether I have to walk away.


Dragonlady said...

Ouch, that's too bad! But for me it's almost reassuring that even you with all your experience still get moments like these. I guess it's part of the job.

I am also strugling very much with a job, so much I have been procrastinating way too much. But it's an interesting experience too.

Buskitten said...

Oh Jac,
I was really sorry to read this post - I had to read it twice to take it in. I do hope Starlight will come good for you, it is such a lovely idea, and the work we've seen so far is beautiful. I have particularly enjoyed seeing you work up your roughs - on layout paper, yikes!!
To someone like me, seeing how a book comes together is like a miracle. I just can't imagine how it happens, the ammount of work that must go in to it is incredible.
I really really hope it works out - it's a beautiful day here in Kirkcudbright, so I hope it is in St Davids too, and maybe you can go out for a walk with the assorted fur-balls and have a bit of thinking space.
Love from us lot x

ruthie said...

hello jackie, oh page fright, i so know that feeling, i get it to. . . i am trying real hard to MAKE myself sit & actually finish a piece today. I do hope your false starts are behind you , i am a lover of your beautiful illustrations, you are an inspiration. good luck from *ruthie*