Friday, November 21, 2008

Sailing on.

First I heard from James who liked the painting, then the publisher, who loved the boat and the dog and said, yes, carry on. So I did. The painting above precedes the child in the boat
Many thanks to Viv for phoning to say how much she liked the painting of the child and dog in the boat, and Annie for her comments on the frustration of writing. Hope the word hunting has gone better for you and you can stop trying to shake them out of your head because they flow.
I do remember now feeling the same when I was working on Singing to the Sun and now the book is out around the world, picking up awards and good reviews.
Like anything else though, you are only really as good as your last piece of work.

Meanwhile Singing to the Sun has picked up some attention in the USA and I was asked to do an interview for Through the Looking Glass, a wonderful children's book blog. You can see the interview here.

The house is now almost full of small paper boats so I am going to take some down the beach to play in the rock pools.

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Doda said...

I'm going to add this one to my amazon wishlist. You are one of my favourite illustrators!