Monday, November 10, 2008

Page fright

It has been so long now since I have visited this blog and I have finished a whole book of dragons in the time I have been away.
Now it is time for me to settle back to work on Starlight and day after day goes by with me avoiding facing up to this. I have painted hares and labyrinths and bears and still no starlights. I have written a text called The Summer Puppy, walked cats and dogs, fallen in love, albeit briefly, with a blue eyed husky and realized that there is no more room in my tiny house. I have bought a drawing board as big as a surf board to paint long long paintings on that when they are framed will be impossible to store if they are not sold. And I have a mind to buy a bigger board.
So now I have to sit down and get on with the task at hand and hope that I can pick up from where I left it.
Sometimes I think I just get the artists equivalent of stage fright. Paper fright? Page fright? Spread fright? Painting fright?

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Buskitten said...

Great to see you are posting on the Starlight blog again! I love this one, as it's so interesting and informative to see how a book actually starts, then progresses....
How will you stretch the paper and get it stuck to your new drawing board? I imagine that will be tricky - you could get Rosie to help you!
'Page Fright' is brilliant! Hmmm, I've had it for 30 years, what's the cure?!