Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Covers and covers and covers.

Oh dear.
It seems there was a production meeting this afternoon and it was decided that a new version needs to be created for the front cover, with most of the look of the first but with some of the characters from inside also on the cover, like the dragon, and maybe the unicorn.
So this means I have to paint it, as a full bleed version.
This is difficult. Hard as it is to work your way into a book, it is also hard to find your way out. And I have tidied my studio (after a fashion) and swept away the Starlight pictures and sketches and reference material and moved my head away and on to other things.
I do understand that the cover needs to be just right. So often it is what sells the book. But it is hard to retrace your steps back to a character when you have waved goodbye to them.
So, in two weeks I have builders coming to try and stop the house from falling to pieces around my ears, stop the windows falling out and the end wall breaking up, to re-wire, replace the fire and do a myriad of other jobs including making a studio space in my attic. Lets hope I finish the artwork before then and nothing else needs reworking. Once I have done the front cover again will they want the back cover doing?
Calm. Drink more lavender tea. Take deep breaths.


Hazel said...

Go and walk yourself across the cliff paths to the sea in the morning, Jackie, with a paper boat & let Starlight come back to you.

I hope you have star-filled dreams tonight, and sleep well.

Jackie Morris said...

I think that may be the way to go with this. I have been floating the boats, in moorland pools and rock pools. Also my boats arrived from Jurianne in Holland and they are wonderful, so right, perfect. I have even set a couple of these free.
On Valentine's Day we put a boat in the pool above Porth Melgan, then walked to the Gessail to see porpoise. Two days later she was still there, and so were the porpoise.

Doda said...

Poor you. I hope you are able to set sail once more into this story to get your cover image.
Have you tried chai tea with honey? Very soothing!

Joanna Dover said...

Frustrating - but the universe works in mysterious ways! For some reason you are supposed to revisit this, even after putting everything away, and now having to get it all back out again. Perhaps you will only know why after you have done it - and perhaps the reason will be about something entirely different! but I'm sure there will be some realization in it for you - however small or random.

I hope so anyway - it's the way it usually works for me!

NAL said...

Hi Jackie!

It can be so hard to try and regain the same "creative space" one had while in the midst of a project, but I have no doubt you will get there!

The link below is to a video of an 18-minute talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity - thoroughly enjoyable, freeing - hope your internet link will let you see it!


Morning's Minion said...

Being married to a builder I usually get to live in an unfinished house, having it built around my ears and trying to cope. Our cats hate that part of moving house when we sell one, and they spend hours under the bedcovers while sawing and hammering goes on in less inhabitable parts of the house in progress.
Re the new painting for the cover: it is hard to take up something which we thing has been finished. Perhaps you will be able to invision your benevolent dragon poking her head out of the sea--or something equally eye-catching.
Yes, Tea--and walking and cats--there lies a grasp on sanity.