Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Revise, rework, recycle.

The power of the putty rubber! Rough amended with child now looking at the edge of the book.
Back cover rough to go with new front cover rough.


Nicole-Umina said...

I really feel for you Jackie and I hope that this wont end in dummy spitting and burning of anything. I do love the dragon for the "possible" back cover.

Linda Navroth said...

It made more sense with the lad looking up at the star ("Star light, star bright!")--what do publishers know?! It must be incredibly hard being a working artist and have to put up with revisions--especially when you think you are done with your part.
But I greatly enjoy voyeuristically watching the process!

NAL said...

Looking good - and you do really neat dragons!

Anonymous said...

Well well well...what an epic! I really admire your tenacity on this and as always the sketches are lovely. It seems unneccessary to stick my oar in as I'm sure my view will be over-ridden by the publisher. But here goes anyway. I quite like the idea of the dragon being hidden within the book - a surprise - in the same way that you didn't want the text to refer to a "paper" boat. I think it's a real shame that you feel obliged to lose integrity to aid sales.

She looks spectacular, though.

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could just craft a book according to your beliefs and talents and visions...follow your star!??? !

I can really sense the frustration, Jackie, but hang in there, and THANK YOU for believing in the whole idea and doing such rare and remarkable work so far...

James x