Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If you can keep your head when all about are telling you what goes where.........

So. How to explain. I have started painting the cover again and so far, fingers crossed, but not too tightly as it is difficult to paint with crossed fingers, all is ok. The picture was hard to draw out, to catch the child's face, to make it the same child over the distance of time. But what is hardest still and most difficult to explain to publishers is how to find the heart to do it. When all around are saying, do this, do that, move this move that, and yes, I can see that the design is now better an will work as a cover and hopefully at the end of the day will look as if it always belonged and nothing else could possibly be there, although I have to do the painting as a full bleed but with the possibility that they will still use the red band across the top and bottom if needs be, and it may be straight or it may curve so leave space for both and all, it is difficult to paint it from the heart.
And it is only when you can find that space in both heart and head that it can work.
Is it any wonder that I like painting hares.

In amongst all the emails yesterday going backwards and forwards between myself and the project manager was this,
"We received some test proofs yesterday to see how the artwork will harmonies with the 5th gold for the cover and endpapers. It looks lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely."
Will be good to see that.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I know that feeling. The author of the book I was working on in 2007, was very disdainful when I pulled a face and said I hoped to recapture that "spark" when I had to redo two illustrations. I guess it's hard to understand for outsiders.

Not to mention he still hasn't payed me for these almost a year later... *sigh*

Maybe if you ask Pixie she can help you by whispering the right words in your ears, cats know the secrets to the doors of inspiration!

quiltcat said...

I know exactly what you mean! Especially after you've told yourself that the project is done and your head and heart start getting interested in other projects. But the "lovely.lovely.lovely" comment should make you feel good...and i know it will be!

Caroline said...

Have been reading your blog recently (came via your Ginger Darlings, which I love!). Must be so hard to have to rework that image again and again - it looks wonderful now and I hope 'they' are satisfied!! As for the hare - well, that's incredibly beautiful! I'm intrigued -do you add the leaf after the paint or vice versa?

Jessie Lilac said...

We're behind you, cheering you on Jackie!x

NAL said...

Yes, and I have been there too, in the area of graphic & web design - it feels perfect, you think you are done, and then the changes start arriving!

Mind and heart do indeed need to be present! You will get there, Jackie! And I have no doubt the book will be beautiful - it already is!


Kim said...

I hope it all comes right soon, and good luck,

Kim x

karry said...

The hare is stunning, I wish you well with the cover, moments in your tree with your cats and pray flags in a winters twilight, looking out to sea might help!!
....or a bit of retail shopping... the lady with the fabulous clothes stall at the Druidstone is having an opening in St Dogmeal's this weekend....just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! So hard to accommodate both parties.Especially when one operates from the designer's aspect (left brain) and the other has a painterly (right brain) approach.
Best of luck to sorting it out. And Whoopee! on the "happy" gold.

Val said...

I am SO glad you love painting hares. I love looking at them, and soaking them up! Thank you. It seems to satisfy a deep need.