Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deja vu

Sometimes I feel that I should do my paintings using fuzzy felt then the publishers could move each item about as they wanted to.
Now they have two front covers and two back covers so if they wish they can play mix and match.
I think this time I have really finished but am getting a strange feeling of deja vu.
Now I wait for examples to be sent of the use of the gold as a fifth colour so that I can see what it looks like.
I still like the old cover, and the old back cover, but being the illustrator have only a small voice in decisions. At least that is how it feels sometimes when publishers have meetings about my work.


Clairedulalune said...

Ah Jackie, That must be frustrating for you. Your pictures are beautiful, i wish i could draw like that! Amazing imagination!

Jackie Morris said...

Many thanks. My head feels like a mud puddle at the moment. Waiting to hear what the publishers think, and also what James thinks. We are both feeling rather confused and frustrated. The lovely thing about working on a book with James is that he is an illustrator and understands.
I phoned him for a rant today but he was teaching so poor Marie, his wife, had to listen while I ranted on. She is a star. She managed to calm me down and point me in the right direction, then give me a little push towards my studio door. And all that over the phone.

Joanna Dover said...

Well, None of your frustrations show in the work - it's lovely. And hopefully the frustrations will soon be forgotten - but your published images will live on for a long time!

basicnorth said...

These are so wonderful! I think your publishers must feel as though they're in a candy store and just don't know what to choose ... I'm still in awe of the "sky maps" you did for the endpages as well ... can't wait to see all of this together and buy the book!