Monday, February 2, 2009

Making the words and the pictures speak

Home and the house is in much need of care, but can't seem to organize my mind. London is paralysed by a snowfall. Here snow moves across the landscape swiftly but doesn't stay and comes in flurries between blue sky moments.
I have walked the dogs, made soup, looked at the chaos , gone back to sleep. Can't get the house warm, but curled in front of computer and watched 'Waterworld'.
Meanwhile an email from Zoe, the designer of Starlight Sailor came. Usually at this stage of a book I loose interest until the proofs show up, but have asked to keep contact and hopefully learn more and have some input into the design.
She must be feeling a little like I felt at the start of the book as the possibilities are almost infinite and only when it slots into place will it look right. This is what she said...

'All I can say is we've been going backwards and forwards trying various typefaces - serifs, italics, quirky kid's fonts, dreamy poetic scripts. I've submitted 10 different ideas so far for insides and jackets.... and I'm going to be looking at a few more. The insides have changed too, from having the type neatly set on straight lines to straight and wavy lines, to varied wavy lines and now to uniform wavy lines... I think (hope!) we are getting there... !!'

Would love to see how the words fit on the page.

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