Thursday, February 5, 2009

No work today, I can't get to my studio because of the snow!

Thanks for all the comments below. Still thinking about what to do. I have a story in my head called "Little Evie in the Dark Woods". It has been there for some time. It came to me when I was delivering some art to Tessa and walking her dog in the woods. I need to catch the words and have some trapped in a notebook. The Ice Bear is well on the way, the words written and the roughs all done in a dummy book in black and white pencil and two spreads completed. It is very much in keeping with The Snow Leopard and is with Frances Lincoln.
Nursery Rhymes have been lurking since before the Barefoot Book of Classic Poems, which started life as a 32 page book of nursery rhymes but soon became Classic Poems which was very much Tessa's idea and love. Although I am credited as compiling the work I had so so so much help from Tessa and I have to credited her for introducing me to such a love of poetry. Working on that book was a trial at times but the knowledge I gained led very much by the hand by Tessa has enriched my life so much.
Yesterday I tidied up the studio and room next to it which has become a store room for paintings. I realised it had also become a dumping ground, so ruthlessly went through things until the car was full of rubbish and drove it to what used to be called 'The Dump' and is now called 'The Recycling Centre'. Dan and Alison the delivered 40 paintings from the exhibition in Milford, which fitted well into the space I had made. But....
I became distracted by the poems of Paulo Neruda and also by a string of prayer flags.
And now, well, I woke up to a world shining with light and am off to play in the snow and chase some words to try and gather them onto a page to tell a story and reclaim the wild wolf and the dark woods.


moreidlethoughts said...

Our dump is a "transfer facility" for Pete's sake!
Have fun with your wolf.

Linda Navroth said...

I love your story title "Little Evie and the Dark Woods"--what a wealth of imagery, mythology, fable, and lore you have to draw from with this subject. I think you should just make this blog your 'journal of literary and painting journeys'--why distract yourself by creating yet another blog? Your current ones are wonderful--and quite fabulous. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across them as they have given me much pleasure and inspiration.

Michelle said...

Have you read the book 'Women Who Run with The Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes? It just came to mind when I read your idea for 'Little Evie in the Dark Woods.' The book has a lot of traditional folk tales and the underlying morals of each.

Richele said...

Thank you, Jackie, for allowing us to follow your work and more on Starlight Sailor. We'll happily follow you on another journey!

Jackie Morris said...

Oh yes, Women who Run With The Wolves. I have read the stories in between the chapters. They are beautiful and so very well written and my particular favorite is Sealskin Soulskin. Fantastic book.