Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blue sky and the studio blues

Only one more rough to go after this I think, but although the sun is shining on a blue sky day outside in the studio all is chaos. Lots to do, writing another book, tidying up the text for the Ice Bear, getting prints sorted out for people, finishing off two big gold leaf paintings, delivering signed books to local bookshops as their stock is all sold out and painting Starlight. But first I think it might be time to make some space and tidy up.


quiltcat said...

what a kind and gentle (and literate!) looking dragon! good luck on getting your studio straightened and painting begun. I can tell this is definitely a book that i will want to read!

Griffin said...

Wonderful dragon and very sociable too. No Max in this one tho'. That will no doubt please the Gingers!

It may be chaos but what wonderful looking chaos! I love that paperweight on the book too.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cute Dragon!
I am so happy that this book is taking shape!
Go you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, bless you, Jackie! You have shown us that being messy is perfectly alright if one is productive. Now I feel more relaxed about the muddle around me in this room. Now, where is my water brush...?