Monday, December 8, 2008

Dragons and kingfishers and bears drinking tea

A couple of days away from the drawing board, at an exhibition preview and then a lovely day at Druidstone Hotel selling books. The day was calm and sunny but cold and icy outside. Back to the drawing board now though, which is where I would rather be at the moment and finally the dragon demanded to be green. With red hair.

Looking around my studio there are paper boats everywhere.

Started the day by doodling in the margins of the text. Only about 3 more spreads to find roughs for. Hoping the text can wriggle though the paintings, unless it is in white space beneath them as on some spreads. Seeing Tessa, the editor, this time next week and want at least another two, maybe three spreads done by then. I hate seeing people face to face. Much prefer the agony of sending things by post and hoping it doesn't get lost than the fear of disappointing people in the flesh.


Sharon said...

The dragon is very wise, green with red hair is perfect! Best of luck next week. I would hate that too although I seriously doubt she'll be disappointed.

Griffin said...

I don't think your work would disappoint either Jackie. It's very beautiful, magical stuff. You have such a great eye for wonderful ways of portraying worlds.