Saturday, December 13, 2008


On the beach the colour of the sky and the setting full moon echo the colours of the painting I worked on yesterday.
Bright moon, beautiful, in blue sky with clouds.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jackie, just beautiful!x

Jackie Morris said...

Thanks Jess
Not sure about this one, but am showing all the work done so far to the publisher on Sunday. Hopefully they will like it and there will be no problem.
I have an exhibition in Milford Haven at the moment and some of the old work I did for this book is hanging there and is what people seem to like most in the show.

Sharon said...

I agree. It's perfect. You've really captured the transparency of the water brilliantly. The composition flows nicely too and I love that the little sailor is hidden peacefully off to the side.

You seem very prolific. I find it difficult to paint for longer than a couple of hours at a stretch. May I ask how much time you put in each day?

Jackie Morris said...

Books don't usually flow this fast. This one has been a bit like a dam. Took me ages to get going. Also the paintings are smaller than I usually do, each spread being same size as the book which is 245mm square.
When my children are home I will sit and paint for about 6 hours if I am lucky and sometimes go back for an hour or two in the evening.
When I am on my own my timetable still seems to flow as if I had to pick them up from school.
So much gets in the way of paining sometimes.
I have been 5 years late with a book before now but this is often because another book has stepped in the way. I wrote Tell Me a Dragon before The Snow Leopard but we switched the order.
With luck and a fair wind this one will be done by end Jan and then I hope to have pictures and info about what happens next, design, scanning, printing and shipping etc.
Meanwhile I make paper boats and look at the moon.

Julia Guthrie said...

I love the painting & also the photo. Blues are soothing to my soul!:)

Griffin said...

Jackie this is fabulous. That you have the photo below the painting for a moment had me wondering how beautifully you'd painted that moonlit scene! It looked almost as if it hadn't been painted... for a moment there!