Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Into the Dragon's Cave

Seduced by sunshine we walked to the beach. Clouds of lapwings in the air. Thinking of Oliver Postgate and his wonderful imagination. Sailed a paper boat in a pool on the beach and then found a dragon's cave with footprints leading in.

There were no footprints leading out, which seemed very fitting. Outside the sun still shone and the cold wind blew strong from the Northlands.

Back home in the warm we discovered the Dragon's Friendly Society. A very good place to find!


Anonymous said...

The haunting voice of Oliver Postgate was a huge part of my childhood. My husband taught his neice (who is the proud owner of the original Bagpuss.) Those stories and images live on in the creative work of all that were inspired by him. :)

pinkfairygran said...

I followed the link to the dragon site... agree it was a good find. I have a picture of a dragon on one of my earlier blogs... he's called George. If you're interested...

No the bit about being a slave to cats. In our case,it's CAT in the singular, and I don't know how old yours are, but trust me, when they get to fifteen they can become very ornery indeed, voluble where once they were quiet, prone to senior cat moments (what did I come out here to do?) where they stand and look around them, vaguely, and even less inclined to take notice of you when you shout GET OFF as they clamber over small flower pots instead of walking round. Ho Hum Like your blogs though, first time I've seen them.

Buskitten said...

Hi! Sad news indeed about Oliver Postgate. I love the little doodles aroung the typed text of Starlight - cool to see how it all 'starts'. Agree with you so much about people - they are scary, aren't they? I rarely go anywhere now, unless I have to! Suits me just fine! Just me and my peecats!
Beautiful jewelry over on your journal too!