Friday, December 19, 2008

Dragons in a starfilled sky

Consensus in the office at Barefoot has deemed that the dragon is to scary. The result of this decision is that I have to paint it again and go back and revise all the roughs and change the painting that I am half way through or scrap it and start again. As a result I no longer think they are angels, rather demons.
I think the phrase "back to the drawing board" has been used more than once in this blog.
Ah well.
New dragon sketches, hopefully less frightening.
(This posting has been typed through gritted fingers, the written equivalent of gritted teeth.)


Anonymous said...

too scary? what does that mean? is it the one on this page? doesn't look scary to me. did they ask a kid if it was scary?

quiltcat said...

*grumble grumble* What do they want, Disney dragons?? stupid fat pastel eunuch dragons? Part of the magic of dragons is that they ARE fierce beasts, who for whatever reason can be friendly or helpful to humans. I've thought your dragon looked wonderfully strong with gentle cat-like eyes, and no fierce tusks or smoke in evidence.

Anonymous said...

This is Balthazar the Dragon writing. I am appalead to see one more case of discrimination against Dragons despite years of efforts to explain that we are not scary. We're just made that way, with fangs and talons you know.

I hope that humans will finally understand us better.

On behalf of the Dragon Guild for a better reputation, Balthasar the Dragon

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...without seeing the "condemned" dragon, I can't say, but SuSaw has a point: ask kids.
Growing up on Arthur Rackham I preferred the scary-looking (in context)to the comic-strip bland of Disney.Maybe today's kids need re-educating!
(Keep the rejected dragon for private readers)

Sharon said...

What?! Are they kidding??? I went back and looked at the finished piece here:

I can't believe that that is one they were talking about. I am all for healthy critique but he isn't a bit scary in my opinion. His little paws are curled up as dociley as can be and his eye so kind. How frustrating for you, I hope they reconsider.

Kim said...

Being something of a Dragonologist myself, I thought your dragons were rather perfect.

It's interesting to read back over your processes, including the doubts that you've had to deal with. It's very inspiring to read, especially as my doubts often finish with my work being flung far away from me!

Keep going, whatever :)

Kim x

Anonymous said...

No, the dragon is not scarey - he is very proud of his boy, and extremely handsome - he has character, personality and integrity and it is quite possible that he also lives in a world in which true individuality is seldom understood or appreciated - don't let them change him too much ... he'll sulk.

Jackie Morris said...

The sketches here are for the new dragon.
The trouble is that with Tessa she pushes and pushes and it is really irritating that usually she is right.
But I still like the old dragon, who is a few spreads back.
Ah well!

Kim said...

I liked the edge that the other one seemed to have, the new one is much softer, but still beautiful. It's the eyes that are most important, and you've captured it's soul in all of the pictures.

Do you sketch straight onto the Arches paper, and if so, how can you be sure of no mistakes? I've tried tracing my finished designs and then transferring them to the page, but that can leave a deep line of pencil. But the alternative is a little rubbing out, which can damage the surface!

Kim x

Morning's Minion said...

I've not been acquainted with a dragon, but yours appear fairly benevolent. One supposes that if trifled with, they become cantankerous.

Anonymous said...

To Kim, if you don't feel confident enought to simply redraw. Use a very soft pencil (for instance 5B) on your tracing paper and then place it on your sheet of paper and rub it off with something soft. It works fine with a hard eraser, that won't damage the paper.

Make sure you hold the tracing paper well or even stick it with tape that comes off without damaging your paper

Jackie Morris said...

I do draw very lightly onto Arches paper and I use a propelling pencil and a putty rubber that I keep in my hand to warm it, so unless I really rub out a lot I don't damage the surface.

Kim said...

Thank you for the tips, I'll give them a go :)

Kim x

Nicole said...

your original dragon was big yes but with that shock of red hair hardly scary scary...

however looking ahead a few posts from this I have to agree that your red dragon Is better, it has an kind but intelligent face - but then I am always bias to red dragons ;o)

It must be hard to work your heart out and then be told it's not right and even harder to be pushed to find something else beyond. I think that is my greatest fear of becoming an illustrator. Giving way to artistic temperament and doing as I'm told. Even if the results prove better it will be a hard lesson to learn. But a good one in the long run I think.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Jackie - may snowflakes and cat whiskers tickle your dreams.