Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gifts, mermaids and conversations with the editor.

Outside the day is pearl gray. Inside questions about the art travel to and fro between myself and the editor.

Jackie: " Do you think she should be giving him something or just touching fingers?
Will keep her hair twining."

Tessa: " I think just touching fingers is lovely – her manifesting to the little boy is the gift."

Through my head a mantra, the voice of the child in the painting, when he is grown.
Child: " Once, in my dreams, I touched the hand of a mermaid. And that has made all the difference."

Have I been in the studio for too long that I imagine the characters from the book have a life outside its pages?


Anonymous said...

If we are good artists or story-tellers, we *are* the characters we draw.

quiltcat said...

oh no, the characters developing a life of their own is what lends a special magic to the best stories! what a lovely gift the mermaid gave him.

Sharon said...

Tessa was so right and your portrayal makes time stand still.