Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Barefoot Book

When I was in Bath Tessa gave me a copy of the beautiful Arthur of Albion, a stunning book by John Matthews and Pavel Tatarnikov. I remember seeing drawings for the book, roughs, when I was visiting the offices working on Classic Poems and being bowled over by the exquisite draftsmanship in the pencil work. His roughs were like other people's finished artwork.
The book has a map at the end, of Britain, or Albion.
Everything about the look of this book is good, the weight of it, the proportions, the mat cover and the cloth binding.
I haven't read the book yet, am saving it until after Disappearing Act, but I love the legends of King Arthur. The Once and Future King was spellbinding to my younger self with its medieval pageantry.

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Jessie Lilac said...

This looks like a beautiful book. I was sorting through my daughter's old books this morning as she's having a clear-out and rescued a King Athur book illustrated by Alan Marks. I think stories like this lend themselves to such inspiring artwork :)