Thursday, December 4, 2008

Front Cover

Painting has been so much slower this week as I have snatched time to paint around transporting paintings, to The Pebbles Gallery in St Davids, where they now have paintings, prints, signed books and cards for sale, and also to Milford Haven to The Joanna Field Gallery where some 38 paintings are on show.
Not enough hours in the day, and this morning when I was walking my head was full of a new dragon for Starlight.
When I have been painting I have been listening to The Hare's Corner by Colm Mac Con Iomaire, wonderful instrumental music. Could only find the Irish Language site to link to but you can order the cd which has beautiful artwork from there.

Meanwhile in America The Snow Leopard Trust has an auction to raise money for the trust.


quiltcat said...

What gorgeous artwork! And thank you for turning me on to the Hare's Corner...that's my favorite kind of music. There's a little drop down menu that made it easy to switch to English. Love the little snippet of artwork with the woodcut and hare, who looks a lot like your triskelion hares. I hadn't heard of the Hare's Corner before, but love the concept both as it applies to the safety of animals and also a safe place for dreaming, thinking, ancient languages, and old arts.

Nicole said...


I have to confess that I have been following your blog and web journal for quite awhile now but always to shy to comment. After seeing you struggle with Starlight I wanted to tell you how much I love your work; your illustrations are stories within stories and even as an adult grab my imagination. It gladdens my heart to see that Starlight is still alive and that you have finally managed to break down some barriers and find your story. You're an inspiration to us aspiring Illustrators and Artists - thank you for your honesty.


Jackie Morris said...

Thanks Nicole,
I can't remember the last time I came so close to packing it in on a piece of work, and it would have been such a shame to walk away from this.
So far I have really enjoyed playing in the pages that I have done to date. Sometimes I still get that sick sick feeling deep inside and start to worry that it is all wrong and rubbish, but mostly I have enjoyed finding the characters. And so, today I spent the day trying to decide what colour to paint a dragon. As decisions go this has to be quite a pleasant one to occupy the mind. The sky is blue, the book is starry and blue, and I think that I have decided that the dragon will have to be rick reds. And gold.
Thanks again. This is the most public I have ever been while working on a book. I don't usually have such difficultly, but it isn't usually this hard either.