Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blue sky, cold earth, frozen water.

When two blogs meet ginger cats come walking with paper boats. On top of the hill the small pools of water trapped in the rocks are frozen hard as stone, but still I put the paper boat there to float while ravens swoop overhead.

Later in the studio I continue working and another page takes shape.


Morning's Minion said...

I love that you name and describe the birds and plants encountered on your walks. I spent a lifetime [before Wyoming] in places where I could walk for miles on dirt roads or on tracks through meadows and woods. One of my then cats, Katydid, who had extra toes, loved to walk in the woods, by herself or with me. She never wanted to return home when I did, so I would scoop her up and carry her, rumbling and muttering under her breath, back to the house.
A "walk" seems to take place on at least three levels: the physical effort of covering the ground; the time to think, plan or simply empty out one's mind; and the watching and storing up of color, scent, sound and movement that goes on all around.

Buskitten said...

Your work on this book is just amazing, it transports you to a world of dreams, colour and imagination. I could see this being a Jackie Morris animated adventure on the telly / cinema - your first film!

Jessie Lilac said...

Lovely dolphins! We saw some off the coast of Devon at the weekend, quite far off though!x

Buskitten said...

Hey Jacster!
Thanks so much for stoping by my blog - I feel very honoured! Tiddles is definately my alter-ego; I tried to make some cakes yesterday, which ended up tasting like cardboard boxes (I think I forgot to put something important in, like the eggs!)
Very grey and gloomy here, I must confess, I haven't changed out of pajamas or even been out....I was thinking to myself, I bet Jackie's out walking!
Even our cats are all in, so it must be icky outside! I always find this a hard time of year, but flights are booked for a wee jaunt to Italy in March; probably won't have time to visit Venice, but maybe Florence....I seriously need to earn some money though, or we'll be going courtesy of Master Card!