Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Production meetings.

Things are moving faster at the Barefoot office as I get closer to finishing the artwork. The book will be proofed in time for Bologna Book Fair. Today there was a production meeting to talk about the design and production side of the book, something I get more involved with now, if I can, though sometimes as an artist I feel that my voice is very small in these meetings. That is with some publishers, not with Barefoot.
Email from Tessa about the meeting today reads as follows:

Had a production session this am and reviewed STARLIGHT alongside CLASSIC POEMS, SINGING TO THE SUN and LEONARDO (which prints with silver as a fifth colour). My take, having looked at STARLIGHT scans next to CLASSIC POEMS, is that to get the midnighty dreamy look and to have this book be a natural Barefoot successor to CLASSIC POEMS, it makes sense to print on the same Arctic Matt stock that we used for CLASSIC POEMS. It will give us consistency in the Jackie Morris books we bring to market and we know for sure that this paper holds your blue-y colours very well. The paper comes from a supplier who replants two trees for every one felled for paper. We are costing on printing both four colour and five colour in the interior, and on a five-colour matt cover with spot lamination and a gold cloth spine.

All of this will depend a little on costings. I haven't yet seen the Leonardo book, but it sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing what the fifth colour printing effect is. Now I am waiting to see what the designer does with the type and layout. On some of the spreads I have left little room to fit type so hope there is enough.


Buskitten said...

Ooh, it all sounds very technical and, well, a bit scary...What is fifth colour? Very, very exciting, though - Do you feel a bit strange at this point, as it kind of goes out of your hands? I remember your pics from Bologna last year - will you be going again? The photo's were lovely - and the nice places you had dinner, I remember that too!

Kim said...

Gosh how exciting now it's all coming together. I feel like I'm going through it all with you, thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience :)

Kim x