Thursday, January 22, 2009


Always difficult.
James and I like 'Starlight, Starbright'

Other suggestions are
First Star I See Tonight
Starlight Story
Starlight Journey
Starlight Wish
Starlight Dream
I wish tonight

The first page of the book reads:
'Starlight, starbright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.'

Any comments gratefully received and thrown into the title melting pot.

Phone call this afternoon to say that the artwork arrived in the office. Wasn't worrying as my head was full of stars and I had forgotten that I had sent it.


liZZie said...

Light, bright, starlit night.

SuSaw said...

Starry Storey
A story by starlight

Buskitten said...

Er, can't think of anything original, just wanted to say how brilliant it is that you've done this, and how the blog has kept us in touch with it's such an exciting journey, and of course, it's not over yet! Great stuff!

Karry said...

Starlight Dreaming

Just wondered if there was any place in your book to show how to make the little paper boats so everyone can go on their own journey???

It's looking wonderful. I love the back page.

XKarry, Rhea and ZoeX

Karry said...

Rhea has just suggested

Starlight Blessing

and Zoe suggested

Starlit brightness !


moreidlethoughts said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen "Wish I May" as a title.
"Starlight Journey" reads well visually.And would tie in well with your star charts on endpapers.
I have a trunkful of titles, but not many completed stories to go with them! Slack!!

Jackie Morris said...

The last page has instructions on how to make a boat Karry, and for those who can't wait there are links to some in the side bar of this blog, somewhere.

Joy said...

Starlight Journey, or Starlight Voyage to go with the boats?

Griffin said...

Star Dreaming?

I love the idea that there are two stories totally different with the same title. That one phrase can inspire several stories is wonderful.

Morning's Minion said...

Starlight, Starbright is so good its a shame to change it.
I'm thinking the cadence has to be similar--if "starlight" is the first word, then the second must also have two syllables.
If the first word is "star" then you could do something like "Star Song"; Star Dreams"; "Star Wish"..? If you move from the actual words of the little poem, the idea of a night journey with its dreams of dragons and stars and bright swirls of color begins to take over the imagination. [Star Journey--Cave of Stars--Dragon Star?] Who would have thought this challenge would emerge?

Abbeysmum said...

What a wonderful adventure, to follow your progress from sunny Australia.Here's a few more.


The Dreaming Dragon. Starlight Dragon

The Star Sailor /Starlight Sailor.

Starboat Sailor.

Val said...

"Starlight, starbright.." is perfect. Partly because of the rhythm but mostly because it hints at depths within because we know, intuitively, that is only the beginning.We know there is a journey. It isnt a complete sentence or object. It breathes fantasy.

Anonymous said...

The Magic of The Starlight Journey.