Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nine Wells, near Solva

As the fragile boat sailed away from the bank winter branches reached out to catch her. A gentle breeze pushed on the sail. Beneath the water curious fish came to investigate the new gift from the heaven above. Each fish kissed the hull of the boat as she glided over the ripples. She felt their welcome to this new world.


Nicole said...

I love you're blog, not just for the stunning art work you produce but for your words.

They are magical and whimsical; journeying away from the days stress with a little boat on a big ocean, bobbing it's freedom on each little wave.

you're words are as lovely as your paintings :)

Buskitten said...

Enchanting! I agree with Nicole, lovely words as well as lovely images.... I remember this place from long-ago - you are indeed living in a most beautiful part of Britain, Jac. How did you find yourself in St David's? Was it always a place you loved to visit? I used to camp at the campsite just across the road from Newgale beach with the Girl Guides! (A long time ago, of course!)