Thursday, January 15, 2009


When James is not writing, painting, eating cake, or trying to cope with me ringing him every five minutes telling him why I can't illustrate any more, he teaches one day a week at Cambridge School of Art.
I asked him to write a few words about teaching there, and about just a few of his students.

"One of the most fulfilling parts of my work is teaching at Cambridge Art School, part of Anglia Ruskin University. My colleagues there are Martin Salisbury and the rather magnificent John Lawrence, who is the kindest gentleman you could hope to meet, and we teach on the MA in Children's Book Illustration - the first course of its kind in the UK.

The Art school has a long tradition of nurturing talent in the world of children's books, and I am very proud to have taught the likes of Jane Simmons, Paula Metcalf, dear Alice Wood, the wonderful, soulful Kazuno Kahara(there's a bit of her work that reminds me of Tove Jansson) and the extraordinary Faye Durston. Stars Bright indeed!

I only teach one day a week, but I get very attached to the students, so this is always and sad time of the year as I bid them farewell, for teaching ended at Christmas. They will have a show of their work at The Illustration Cupboard in February, which will be attended by all the big publishers. I wish this year's students every success!"

The image above is from The Ruby Princess by Faye Durston, winner of last years RhapsOde Prize for the most promising new writer for children.

Click on this link to preview New Moon's animation of James Mayhew's 'Katie's Picture Show'

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Griffin said...

That Faye Durston image is lovely. A bit reminiscent of Arthur Rackham too, which is always good!