Thursday, January 8, 2009

First page again, second thoughts

Something about the first page didn't seem right and after conversations with Tessa went back to look at earlier sketches.

The beach was cold with ice and at the end the sea had carved out a deep curved pool. Beautiful in the early morning light.


Kim said...

Oh Jackie, that new painting has brought tears to my eyes, it's just soooo beautiful and reminds me of sitting reading to my children. You're so clever :)

Kim x

PS are you allowed to sell the paintings that don't go into the book, or are they more or less owned by the publisher, as they've commissioned them?

Jackie Morris said...

Hi Kim
I sell the paintings that go in and the ones that don't. The publishers has the right to use them in the book, I own the originals and everything else. Sometimes it feels like I have done this whole book twice!
Not much more to go now.

Jessie Lilac said...

The boy looks so snug nestling there with his mother. The sea does look beautiful.x

Nicole said...

The original cover had whales, boat bear and little boy? or a boat, bear and little boy? I remember a rough of that but not a colour version.

I do like this cover, it holds a lot of emotion in it but I do love bears. Really LOVE bears, so I'm a tad bias.

Jackie Morris said...

It's ok. This isn't the cover. This is the first illustration for the story, after the title page.
The front cover still has child, boat, dog, star and whale. The back cover has a whale and the plane.
Once upon a time there was a bear in this book, but so much changed and now he is waiting again for his own book.

Julia Guthrie said...

That is a beautiful painting! I think I will have to buy this book for myself when it's ready :)