Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the post

Yesterday I packed up and posted of the remaining interior spreads. They should arrive in the Barefoot office in Bath today and I wait, trying not to be nervous, to hear first that they have made it through the vagaries of the British postal system, second that they are all fine and nothing needs reworking.
A few days ago Tessa and James discussed the title. When James originally wrote the story it was called 'Starlight, Starbright', but it seems there is already a book called this. Two books with the same title can lead to confusion. Tessa suggested 'Starlight Sailor', but neither James nor I were happy with this. The current title is 'First Star'.
In the meantime I am working away on the endpapers and somehow my hours in the day seem to be getting stolen and I get little work done. So today I will unplug the phone and settle to a few hours undisturbed until Hannah comes home from school. Tomorrow I have to be on the phone as I am doing an interview for a podcast with From Rim to Hub.
Also a Facebook group has been set up, about my work. I have never really understood Facebook, and with my website and two blogs the computer eats time when I should be painting, so it is very lovely that Michelle has taken the time to set this up about my books. She recently received a copy of Can You See a Little Bear from Bookstart and loved it, which is wonderful and very encouraging as i move towards finishing Starlight, or First Star.

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quiltcat said...

I hope the paintings arrive safely in Bath and are loved by Tessa & co. as much as i love them. Too bad Starlight, Starbright is taken already! I'm not crazy about First Star...for some reason it makes me expect a book about Christmas??? or astronomy. How about Starbright? or Starlight Dreaming?