Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Round pools and starlight

At the end of Whitesands Beach, when the tide is out, there are pools worn in the rocks by swirling water and pebbles. Deep circles cupping salt water, the rock green like jade when wet.

Working on the endpapers, four circle star maps of north and southern hemisphere, winter and summer stars. So few children see the star patterns these days as city lights wash away the universe in a glow of orange lights. Centuries ago our ancestors could travel by starlight, told stories of the stars to fix their dance in the minds of people. So much is lost to us that once we knew by heart.


Jessie Lilac said...

We live far away from nature it's true, but by making images like this, you keep the magic of nature alive.x

ruthie said...

So true Jackie. To sit out under the beautiful, glittering night sky, watching for shooting stars with my children is a special memory i will always carry. Here in this little corner of the world, we are so lucky for they shine so brightly, it is ever awe inspiring. ps. Your work is beautiful, as always *ruthie*

Karen said...

We're lucky here to be able to see a wonderful night sky.Due to not many lights (thankfully) I'd be lost if I had to move!
The rock photo looks like the eye of a dragon. Was this intentional?
Your book looks beautiful!